15 Fashion Mistakes!

Let’s be honest … we all make them … fashion mistakes making us feel anything but comfortable, beautiful, sexy, chic or trendy! Luckily, Shea Whitney & Nordstrom’s is here to tell you that is it super easy to stop making them.

What is the biggest fashion mistake you’ve ever made?

– not wearing clothes the way they’re meant to be worn
– wearing clothes backwards
– trousers underneath dresses
– bathing suits worn as tops
– uncomfortable knickers
– self-critical underwear
– high heels = workplace abuse
– trends we don’t love
– stop washing our jeans
– not dressing for the season
– all year round wardrobe
– putting society on mute
– clothes that are too tight / too short / cuts waist / fits weirdly
– unisex and menswear
– shopping for trends
– bad vs. good quality
– buying clothes hoping to lose / gain weight
– playing it safe = boring