Must Have Garden Gadgets

The weather is getting warmer and time to plant those gardens. Whether you are more into planting vegetables, flowers or both, some gardening accessories are a necessity. If you are a novice just getting started you may need some help finding the right tools and the garden junkie always needs to replace some of that old gear. Here are some suggestions for you both..

SE Prospector’s Choice 12″ Serrated Edge Digger

The SE GP3-SS30DT Prospector’s Choice 12″ Serrated Edge Digger is made of heat treated carbon steel, which allows this tool with straight and serrated edges to easily break through concrete, hard soil, and roots. The oversized comfortable grip and hand guard helps in minimizing accidental injuries. Our edge digger also comes with a sheath to keep the tool with you at all times by looping the sheath to your belt. Our multipurpose serrated edge digger is useful for a variety of tasks including cutting clean and deep plugs, digging, excavating treasures, loosening soil, planting, transplanting, weeding, and more. This serrated edge digger is the prospector’s choice to search, find, and collect. It is a multipurpose tool for a variety of gardening tasks. The length of the shovel is 7-1/2″ and the overall length is 12″.

Sonkir Soil pH Meter, MS02 3-in-1 Soil Moisture/Light/pH Tester

This 3-in-1 soil moisture meter is designed to better know the condition of your plant, detect soil moisture, help you know the pH value of the soil and determines if plants get enough sunlight to keep plants grow healthier! No batteries needed, just insert the sensor probe into the soil about 2-4 inches, toggle switch to test moisture, pH, sunlight you would like to measure. For indoor or outdoor use.

Root Slayer Nomad

This multi-purpose digging tool is great in small spaces, raised beds, and campgrounds. It is an absolutely awesome weeding tool. We’ve already used it to uproot Baby’s Breath, Spotted Knapweed, Ash seedlings, Bladder Campion’s, Dandelions, and Curly Dock. It’s amazing! The head is about 70% of the size of the Root Slayer Shovel, making it lighter weight without sacrificing the sharp edges and strength. Non-bending powder-coated carbon steel shaft with a patented durable ergonomic polypropylene grip. Lifetime manufacturer guarantee. Handle Length- 30 inches.

gonicc 8″ Professional Premium Titanium Bypass Pruning Shears

These blades are made with Ultra-fine Polishing Technology and teflon or titanium coating that are very sharp and prevent tree pulp adhesion caused by rust on the blades. Handle material is high quality Aluminum and wrapped with a layer of PVC, very soft and comfortable to use. Sharp and reliable can easily for most of the lightweight pruning work, also can help your to do some heavy duty for less than 3/4″ diameter size tree branches.

Orbit 21004 B-hyve Smart Hose Faucet Timer with Wi-Fi Hub, Compatible with Alexa

Turn any outdoor faucet into an app-controlled water source that can help you save time, water and money. B-hyve connects to Wi-Fi, giving you complete control over your watering, no matter where you are. Smart Watering automatically adjusts your watering based on site conditions, including slope, soil type, sun/shade, historical ET and live weather feeds, delivering the exact amount of water your plants need.