Dr. Martens Presents: SadGirl and The Paranoyds

It’s a Thursday night and The Cinema Bar is packed, ready to hear the next generation of American rock. The Paranoyds and SadGirl don’t disappoint. Retro and yet entirely of the current time, SadGirl is motivated by a clear vision of their sound– spaghetti western surf rock if you had to put a name to it.

Rather than being dissuaded by a crowded music scene in their native LA, Sadgirl is driven to keep creating the music they want to hear in the world. Hustling alongside them is The Paranoyds, who know it takes resilience and bravery to work against the system in place. Founded by model Staz Lindes and her best friend Laila Hashemi, the Paranoyds are here to sonically revolutionize the male-dominated music scene, all while serving rock n’ roll revelry to their fans.